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7/8 Year-Old Rookie League


2015 Ground Rules


1.      Limit of Game:


·        No new inning will start after 1 hour and 30 minutes has elapsed from the start of time. 


·        Time starts when the first batter steps into the batter’s box. 


·        The umpire is responsible for keeping the official time of the game. 


·        An official game is complete after 3 ½ innings if the home team is up. 




2.      Tie Games:


·        A tie game shall be declared at the end of six (6) innings or when official time has elapsed. 


·        If two teams finish with the same record, a one (1) game playoff will decide the final standing. 




3.      Slaughter Rule:


·        All games will end if either team has a fifteen (15) run lead at the end of an official game. 




4.      Batting: 


·        All players shall be in the batting line-up for each inning. 


·        A teams bat ends when three (3) outs have been recorded or all players have batted in that inning.


·        A batted ball striking the pitching machine is a dead ball and batter is awarded first base only.  Any base runners will advance one base with no force. 


·        Each batter is allowed five (5) pitches or three (3) strikes per at bat. 


·        If the LAST pitch (5th) is unhittable, the pitch will be declared a “no pitch” by the umpire.   


·        Machine will be set at 38 mph. 


·        Machine adjustments may be requested at the beginning of each inning. 


·        If the machine is hit, the umpire may determine if adjustment is necessary to continue play. 




5.      Playing Time:


·        Each player will play a minimum of three (3) consecutive outs every game.  


·        There is free substitution.   


6.      Runners:


·        Runners leaving the base early will be given only one (1) warning and all players leaving the base early after that will be called out.


·        Any contact made with a base runner by a coach will result in the runner being called out. 




7.      Run Rules:


·        No team shall score more than five (5) runs in any inning, except the 6th inning. 


·        During the final inning, (6th), a team may score as many runs as possible. 




8.      Player Requirements:


·        Each team must have nine (9) players to begin a game with no penalties. 


·        If game starts with only eight (8) players, the ninth batting position is an automatic out. 


·        Once the game has started, a team may continue even if the number of players falls below eight (8). 


·        Teams falling below eight (8) players during a game, other than injury or illness, will record an out when that player’s spot comes up.  The coach and player must report any illness to the umpire prior to the player leaving.


·        Players arriving after the start of the game must be added to the bottom of the batting order. 


·        No player may be added after the first pitch of the third inning. 


·        If requirements are not met, the game is a forfeit. 




9.      Fielding:


·        Infielders must play in the infield, designated by the dirt or clay areas.


·        Outfielders must start play in the outfield. 


·        Ten (10) players will be placed on the field with four (4) in the outfield.   


·        Pitcher must have one (1) foot on the seven (7) foot line and be stationed on the left-hand side of the machine when a pitch is thrown.


·        Teams may only have one (1) player in the pitching area during play. 


·        Catchers MUST wear complete protective gear when behind the plate.   


·        It is a “no pitch” if the pitchers foot is not on the line, unless the batter gets a base hit. 


·        If the ball is thrown over the fence, runners advance only one (1) base. 




10.   Play is Stopped:


·        Runners must stop on the base they have reached when the ball is thrown in from the outfield and an infield player has control of the ball, and the lead runner has been stopped, at which time the infielder raises his/her arms and calls time. 


·        At this point, if the runners are halfway to another base, they will be allowed to advance to the next base.  As always…this will be a judgment call made by the umpire on the field. 




11.   Coaches on the Field:


·        When on defense, one (1) coach is allowed outside of the dugout and is not to pass the end of the dugout, closest to home plate. 


·        When batting, one (1) coach will be allowed at 1st base, 3rd base




12.   Throwing Equipment:


·        Players intentionally throwing equipment will be given a warning for the first offense.  Second offense in the same game will result in ejection from the game. 


13.   Ejection:


·        Any coach or player ejected from a game will serve a one (1) game suspension, which will be the next scheduled game. 














14.   The Coach:


·        The coach must not enter the playing field (cross either foul line) at any time without first being given a time out by the umpire. 


·        Should a coach enter onto the field (crossing either four line) without first being given a time out by the umpire, the coach will be automatically ejected from the game. 




15.   Courtesy Runner: 


·        A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher if there are two outs in the inning and he/she is the recorded catcher of the previous inning.  The courtesy runner must be the last recorded out of the inning.